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Job Cost Estimation

Printing is highly competitive...Pricing and Customer service are often the winning attributes that will make the difference between a successful printing business and a struggle for survival.
The ability to quickly generate an accurate estimate is a key capability in all three areas.
Our job cost estimating system for printing and packaging business will automatically handle imposition, folds, and ability to automatically create quotations depending on the product(leaflets , brouchers , business cards ,books ,dairies etc..). And these automatically calculated values for printing cost and paper cost are displayed for invoicing.
ERPress estimating module also includes past estimated and prepared quotations and also gives the reports generated in pdf format.
* Create Quotations
* Approve Quotations
* Customer PO to SalesOrder
* Confirm SalesOrders


ERPress finance module gives the details about the tax invoice, bill payments, PO/Vendors payments,purchase orders, delivery note and due bills.
*Tax Invoices
*AP/AR Bills & Payments
*Vendors Payments
*Purchase Orders
*Delivery Notes

Production Planning & Scheduling

Plannning and scheduling of production activities will ensure optimal usage of raw material and resources
ERPress helps printing businesses in master production scheduling, long-term planning, demand management and material forecasting
Our production planning module helps with demand forecasting of a product. Using forecast data and internal resources a production plan can be created
ERPress Prodcution Planning and scheduling add the following benefits
* Optimized manufacturing capacity – ensures that your printing machines and employees work to capacity.
* Keeps your costs down, increases efficiency, and adds greater profitability.
* Identify areas of improvement and to plans for efficiency.

Inventory Control

ERPress Inventory control helps to record stock, packing, and shipping information in one place and, therefore, optimizes your business’s procurement process
Keeping an accurate record of your inventory is vital for managing assets.
Our Inventory control module helps in the event of audits, helps reduce the overall wastage and quantifies the value of a business
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